The First Pencil

Episode 36: Metaverse Schmetaverse

August 04, 2022 Kathi Kruse and Mike theCarGuy Correra Season 1 Episode 36
The First Pencil
Episode 36: Metaverse Schmetaverse
Show Notes

Two BIG topics this week:

1. What happens when the manufacturer requires a new dealer agreement for specific products and what you agreed to is coming back to bite you? In the past few years, due to many factors, the relationships between dealers and manufacturers have changed. 

Kathi and Mike discuss a situation that’s happening in Australia, but dealers in the U.S. and Canada should be keeping an eye on how it unfolds.

Article we discussed about MBZ Australia is HERE

2. You may have heard of Facebook/Meta’s focus on virtual reality called Metaverse. They are betting the farm on it becoming “a thing” and we’ll have to see how that pans out for automotive retail. Kathi attended an “Autoverse” webinar made especially for automotive retail and we discuss the, um, highlights?

Kathi’s LinkedIn post with her initial reaction to the webinar is HERE including a link in the comments if you’d like to watch the webinar replay…and are ok with giving up 45 minutes of your life you’ll never get back.

In our music segment, we talk about an underrated band, The Call. Check them out HERE

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