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Episode 45: Does Facebook Know What’s Best?

October 06, 2022 Kathi Kruse and Mike theCarGuy Correra Season 1 Episode 45
The First Pencil
Episode 45: Does Facebook Know What’s Best?
Show Notes

Those of us that have been in social media for awhile remember when Facebook Ads were introduced. We didn’t like it as users, but wow, it was pretty awesome for marketing. Coupled with how the algorithms were back then, and how your followers could regularly see your content, it was a combo that couldn’t be beat.

Fast forward to today and while Facebook still rocks for building an army of fans for your business, Facebook ads are often not as effective as they once were…and there are several reasons this is happening. We think it’s temporary.

Kathi and Mike discuss where we are with running Facebook/Meta Ads today. Meta is trying to combat the damage done by iOS14 (users opting out of ad tracking) and in this transition, we’ve lost a lot of control as experienced advertisers/media buyers. Automation is important but there’s a huge disconnect between the metrics Facebook provides compared to what advertisers need. 

And Facebook/Meta certainly (famously) doesn’t provide any transparency at all. How are we to believe that Facebook knows best?

Next up, Kathi gives us another update on her Facebook “short-form” video testing on the Hanaeleh horse rescue page. She also found a solution for combatting the unwanted comments that come with “viral” videos. Check out the page HERE. 

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In our music segment: we love us some documentaries

Three words: Ronny James Dio
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