The First Pencil

What is "Modern Retail?"

November 17, 2022 Kathi Kruse and Mike theCarGuy Correra Season 1 Episode 52
The First Pencil
What is "Modern Retail?"
Show Notes

Those of us in the car biz, who’ve worked ding to dong, helping the public buy the vehicle of their dreams, can be a tad cynical. Retail can do that to you, but it’s not something we try to be, and it happens over time through experiences.

What is “Modern Retail?” This is a term we’ve heard lately that defies logic. It’s a great word - Modern - but it seems more like a marketing term. We’re really interested in what it truly means for the customer. 

In our music segment:

Everything But the Girl Instagram Post: HERE
Everything But the Girl: Take Me video HERE 

Beastie Boys Story (documentary): HERE

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