The First Pencil

Real Life Social Media Tips

December 01, 2022 Kathi Kruse and Mike theCarGuy Correra Season 2 Episode 1
The First Pencil
Real Life Social Media Tips
Show Notes

We’ve been thinking a lot about the state of automotive social media. Both of us have witnessed so many years of salespeople and dealerships either ignoring the value of social or not taking action because of old limiting beliefs.

In this episode, we share some real-life examples of successful social media and some simple tactics that could help you get started…or get better!

Link to the waitlist - the new, promising social media platform: HERE Reminder: it’s in very early beta and many people have signed up for the waitlist. Be patient, it will be worth the wait. 

In our music segment:
RIP Christine McVie
Fleetwood Mac clips:
Over My Head: HERE
Tusk: HERE
Rhiannon: HERE

PS: I need Stevie’s hair and Lindsay’s kimono here. - Kathi

Yaz clips:
Alison Moyet sings at Burberry Show 2016: HERE
Don’t Go: HERE
Don’t Go Live 2011: HERE

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