The First Pencil

Accountability Finally Comes for Tesla

February 16, 2023 Kathi Kruse and Mike theCarGuy Correra Season 2 Episode 10
The First Pencil
Accountability Finally Comes for Tesla
Show Notes

Mike and I haven’t really shared our views on the whole “Full Self Driving” saga that’s been causing so much harm to unsuspecting drivers and by extension the driving public. Today we break our silence to convey how happy we are that a recall was announced saying that FSD “may cause a crash.” 

Then, we talk about a fool proof way to always have thoughtful content to post on social media. Hint: Memes, baby!

And finally, we share updates we’ve heard about some new social media platforms that are worth checking out.

In our music segment, it’s Peter Hook’s birthday. He’s the bass player from Joy Division and New Order and he’s one of Mike’s favorite dudes on earth. If you haven’t heard of Joy Division, or not heard their music, check out Unknown Pleasures.

Kathi's favorite Joy Division song is Love Will Tear Us Apart

And the performance of this song is epic too: Transmission

Also check out “Control,” which is a movie about Ian Curtis’ tragic life (founder and lead singer of Joy Division) and Joy Division’s history (directed by Anton Corbijn).

If you're a car person (worked in dealerships like us) we want to hear from you…and maybe have you on the show!